Asset leasing
Invoice discounting

What is Leaf Round?

What is Leaf Round?
What is leasing?

Investing via Leaf Round

What is the investment process?
Who can invest via Leaf Round?
How do I get started as an investor?
What are the KYC documents needed to sign up?
What is a buyback value and how is it calculated?
Who owns the asset?

Investment Opportunities

What kind of assets are listed on the platform?
What documents related to the deal are shared with the investors?
How is the due diligence performed?
What is the minimum investment?

Tax & Charges

What are the fees charged by Leaf Round?
What are my tax implications?
What does depreciation mean and why should it matter to me?

Risk & Returns

How is the payout going to come to me? Do I need to have a demat account?
What do you mean by monthly rentals?
Who manages the rental collection?
Are the returns guaranteed?
What are the risks involved?
Leaf Round is a marketplace for leasing that provides investors options to buy assets and rent to businesses.
Leaf Round HQ, Sector 6, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560102