Why Leasing and Leaf Round?

What is Leaf Round?
We are already renting all our computers and IT equipment (assets), why should we rent it from Leaf Round?
Why can't we take a loan?
Why not approach NBFCs or venture debt firms?
Is there hypothecation of asset when the investor becomes the owner?
What is the unique value prop that Leaf Round provides?

The Process

What are the contractual requirements for leasing via Leaf Round
By transferring the ownership wont the lessee loose the warranty?
What documents do we have to produce/send to investor for selling of our assets.
Is there a requirement for getting the instrument rated externally?

Deal Construct

How does it work?
Is Leaf Round an NBFC?
What is the cost of capital?
Is there a security deposit and any other charges?
Is there a cap on the cost of the asset?
Does the monthly rent include GST?
How much are the monthly rentals?
What is buyback value?
How much is the Buyback value?
Is the buyback necessary ?
Leaf Round is a marketplace for leasing that provides investors options to buy assets and rent to businesses.
Leaf Round HQ, Sector 6, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560102